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Opening eyes with a "One Book, One School" reading project

Writes Dr. Paul Ruggieri, reading specialist at Hudson Middle School in Pasco, Florida:

The Revealers was a perfect jumping-off point to begin our efforts towards addressing and curtailing bullying. We began by surveying our students to see if bullying was a real issue in our school, and it was - very much so, in fact. Although the survey was anonymous, many students responded that bullying was a problem for them not only in our middle school, but it had been a problem in elementary school and on the buses, as well.

The Revealers was used, first, to open their eyes about bullying and, second, it was our choice as a school-wide "One Book, One School" reading activity. It was a terrific success! The students and all the faculty read the book and it initiated many lively discussions around our campus. Many teachers set up "bullying post it boards" where students would put up a note about their experiences or even suggestions about how to stop and/or avoid bullying. We did several school-wide TV broadcasts, as well.

Doug's visit went very, very well. Our kids were pumped up well in advance and were excited to have, as they called it, " a real live author" visit our school. Many teachers used our media and the Internet well in advance of the visit to explore New England and search the internet about bullying. Our guidance department also did in-class visits in advance to educate our kids about the serious nature and the long-term effects of bullying. It was an outstanding day for all of us when Doug spoke to our kids in the gymnasium and then later returned in the evening to talk to our parents and faculty and sign books.

By the way, we have made The Revealers required reading in all our 6th grade developmental reading classes, so that the book and the message lives on.

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