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Islam and Buddhism

World Religions Webquest

This package of learning resources has sections on all the major religions. Those on Islam and Buddhism are quite good, featuring links to several sources of concise, generally balanced information. Visitors can also click on “Individual Project,” to begin a guided webquest on a religion of their choice.

PBS LearningMedia’s Religions of the World Photo Collection

PBS has put together a striking archive of high-quality images, paired with lesson guides teachers can use in grades 6-8 or grades 9-12. Each photo collection focuses “on beginnings, historical development, sacred writings, beliefs, practices, contemporary issues, arts, and the impact on history and culture” of the religion and its traditions. The curriculum package aligns with suggested NCSS Standards for Study of Religion in the Social Studies Curriculum.

Windows on history

Storytellers study guide final Page 07 Image 0006Buddhism Along the Silk Road: 5th to 8th Century

This Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibit, posted online, tells and shows how the Buddha image spread from Gandhara and north India along the ancient trade path.

Afghanistan 1979: The War that Changed the World

This hourlong documentary gives a very good introduction, with dramatic video footage, of the war that did have a very big impact on the world of today.


Recent years have seen the posting of some good online resources about this once nearly forgotten civilization, where Western and Eastern cultures came together with a result that influenced the world. The Wikipedia article is detailed and informative.

Storytellers study guide final Page 07 Image 0005Gandharan art in the Met

New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art has one of the world’s best collection of Gandharan sculptures and other artwork. Search on “Gandhara” to see some 250 images.

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Alexander the Great, The Path to Power

This documentary tells Alexander’s story and sketches its impacts in a vivid, quick-cutting style that will engage young viewers.


In the Footsteps of Alexander the Great

If you can find it (it’s currently listed but unavailable on Amazon), this fine British documentary series follows historian Michael Wood as he retraces Alexander’s campaigns of conquest, visiting key locales from Egypt to Afghanistan.



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